4 Affordable Restaurants to Visit in Dubai!

Indeed, travelling on a budget also requires you to get meals that never put a huge burden on your pocket. Therefore, you should gear up to explore budget-friendly restaurants in Dubai if you really wish to make your trip the one that you remember throughout your life.

Unlike other tourist destinations in the world, Dubai caters to the requirement of every tourist according to his/her budget. It means that you have the opportunity to enjoy great cuisines within your particular budget with exploring some awesome tourist sites of Dubai.

You are reading the best write-up as it has come up with some best affordable restaurants where you find quality food within your limited budget throughout your vacation.

1.    Nur Malaysia

You should begin with this famous restaurant that offers great Malaysian cuisine in the reasonable price. While visiting this place, you should not forget to try its “Nasi Lemek Breakfast” as it is its famous speciality.

It consists of tasty fried chicken along with the coconut flavoured rice. It is served with delicious chilly gravy, dry anchovies and eggs, making this breakfast awesome for you.

With all that, make sure that you never forget to witness the world’s best and most famous exhibition in Dubai. It is called Expo 2020 Dubai, paving the platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to guide the rest of the world towards progress.

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2.    Hanoi

It is another ideal place for satisfying your taste buds within your particular budget. The interior designing of this particular restaurant has taken the lead among various similar budget-friendly options.

By its name, one can easily judge that it offers Vietnamese cuisine, so gear up to try unique but delicious food in this specific food destination.

Among various dishes in the restaurant, the famous one is none other than bun bowl. It is the popular rice noodle dish served with sauté tofu, salad and roasted peanuts.

3.    Fuchsia

This pocket-friendly restaurant offers the Thai cuisine, so you should also consider it and enjoy some ideal Thai food. The thing that makes it stand apart is its ability to bring organic food for its customers.

No doubt, it is the great opportunity to explore the culture and cuisine of Thailand while enjoying your tour in Dubai. As it is the pocket-friendly restaurant, so it is the first choice of people working in Dubai.

4.    Sultan Dubai Falafel Restaurant

By its name, you can easily find what this restaurant is all about, so gear up and taste the awesome falafels within your confined budget. There is no second thought to believe that this restaurant is the first choice of western tourists who are crazy about falafels.

Along with falafel, you also have tasty hummus with an addition of chilly and onion. Feel free to enjoy it because it never brings a huge burden on your pocket.

Hey, with enjoying in Dubai, you should also think of doing something beneficial and productive for yourself and for that Expo 2020 Dubai provides you the opportunity.

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