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Dempsey Hill’s Hidden Gem: Canchita’s Charming Venue for Your Dream Wedding

Dempsey Hill has always been a popular destination for those seeking to escape the bustling city. Nestled within this tranquil haven lies a hidden gem – Canchita, a charming venue that promises to be the perfect setting for your dream wedding. With its picturesque surroundings, beautifully crafted architecture, and exquisite cuisine, Canchita encapsulates everything one […]

What is a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

A super-automatic espresso machine offers a higher convenience and ease of use than a traditional espresso machine. Super-automatic means it’s programmable, so everything is automatic: grinding, tamping, brewing, steaming (if applicable), and milk frothing. I know what you’re thinking: “How can they make espresso without a steam wand? Isn’t that part of making an espresso […]

Reasons to Go On Culinary Tours

Getting a sense of local life is one of the things that set a vacation apart. The sense of knowing places only local restaurants frequently located off the tourist path and so unseen by others’ eyes. Discoveries like these turn a trip into a full immersion into the local culture, a thrilling adventure that is […]

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