Traditions of the Italian cuisine


Traditions of the Italian cuisine

Traditions of the Italian cuisine
Italy is an amazing country. Having been there at least once, will forever be remembered. Especially great Italian cuisine that has evolved centuries-old tradition. It is an inexhaustible world of search with a combination of diversity of taste.

Everywhere I look, everywhere we looked warm sun, very close to growing olives, which received from him the massive energy.

Numerous varieties of grapes, variety of pasta, pizza in the widest range of fine wines laskat taste the delicate flavour.

Oh, how gentle the tiramisu dessert as pleasing to us the inimitable taste of espresso coffee, Italian cheese, risotto, Parmesan, mozzarella cheese, quickly melt in your mouth mascarpone; everything listed here and more, constantly reminds me of the hospitable Sunny Italy.

Italian national cuisine originates from the depths of the middle ages. It was formed thanks to the cultural influence of neighboring and distant countries.

The Italians drew a lot from different cuisines of the world, has added new dishes with something new and elegant. So created is unpredictable, very original and very useful culinary masterpieces.

The main secret oryginalnej Italian cuisine — lightning fast cooking tasty dishes. Italians habitually eat, from snacks, later moving to the salads, which are filled with noble olive oil.

When finished with the salads, the table is served with tasty first and second courses. Every family has a lush feast prhodila in a respectful and friendly atmosphere.

They eat slowly enough poprobovatj each dish and get the blissful pleasure of eating the food. The Italians are very smart and fun people, each of them trying to do you a nice compliment and a business offer.

Sitting at the table of guests with admiration and with joy I thank the lady of the house, praise her culinary talents.

In Italy it has long been the custom. A young bride, before you wear a wedding ring needs to prepare the groom’s family 11 versions of the popular pasta.

Only in this way the bridegroom and his family can be rest assured about the future of the family, which will live the real hostess.

Italian cuisine is famous for a very useful food that is prepared from natural and fresh products.The abundance of vitamins and minerals complement the curative spices from the plants of Sunny Italy.

If you were in Italy, I advise you to visit this amazing country!

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