Thin potato pancakes

Potato is the main ingredient of many dishes. But probably you did not get to try the thin potato pancakes?

Thin potato pancakes

Thin potato pancakes


Potatoes — 5 PCs.
Salt — 2 tsp
Milk — 250 ml.
Eggs — 3 PCs.
Vegetable oil — 50 ml.
Flour = 300,


First thing we need to prepare the potatoes. Peel, cut into several pieces and fill with water. Cook in the usual way until a soft consistency. While cooking add salt to taste.

Boiled potatoes grind in a meat grinder, a blender or any other way.Most importantly — do not have to stay in the mashed lumps.

To puree add eggs, chopped press the garlic, the boiling milk, a little vegetable oil, flour and salt.Mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mass. The workpiece will turn into batter for pancakes. Originality can also add grated hard cheese varieties.

Mix all the ingredients

Before cooking potato pancakes, the dough should stand for 20 minutes. We will prepare exactly the same as traditional pancakes. Pour onto a hot frying pan with a small portion of the dough, distribute it evenly over the entire surface and fry on both sides.

Fry the pancakes

You can make another filling for our potato pancakes. Cooks like to add vegetables and meat. Meat in the form of meat and vegetables in strips or chopped. The finished pancakes before serving, you can wrap into triangles, rolls or squares. Before serving, decorate with potato pancakes fresh greens.

Bon appetit!

Delicious potato pancakes

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