The tilapia in the marinade


The tilapia in the marinade and batter

The tilapia in the marinade and batter

Now we will prepare fried tilapia. Fish soaked in spicy marinade (tilapia) fried in batter. It turns out juicy and delicious.


Tilapia — 750-800 g

Vegetable oil — 4-6 tbsp


Vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) — 2-3 article L.

Light-salted soy sauce — 2-3 tbsp

Fresh lemon juice — 1-1,5 tbsp

Teriyaki sauce — 1 tbsp. (you can do without it)

Ground white pepper — 0.5 tsp.

The batter

Milk — 150-160 ml

Vegetable oil — 40-60 ml (2-3 tbsp)

Wheat flour — 4-5 tbsp

Potato starch — 1 tbsp

Chicken eggs — 2 PCs.

Italian herbs — 1 tsp

Pepper, salt


1. Defrosted the tilapia and podsushiwatm wash thoroughly with paper towels. Cut into equal portions. Stir lemon juice, pepper, soy sauce, butter, and Teriyaki. Apply the mixture on the fish pieces, put them in a container, cover with a lid and leave for one hour.

2. Prepare the batter: Share in different capacity egg whites and yolks. Whisk yolks with salt, butter, pepper and herbs. Here pour the starch and flour, add milk and beat with a mixer or whisk. Whisk whites until education sturdy foam and add them into the mainstream.

3. Mix fish into batter.

4. Overtemper on high heat the oil in a pan, lay the fish with a fork, waiting first to drain the excess droplet of the batter.

5. Each side of the piece of fish fry for 2-3 minutes until Golden.

Bon appetit!

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