The Caesar salad


The Caesar salad with chicken classic recipe

The Caesar salad with chicken classic recipe

The proposed recipe is for four servings


Small baguette (can use yesterday)

Olive oil — 3 tablespoons

Chicken breast — 2 PCs.

Romaine lettuce — 1 large loaf

Parmesan grated or finely planed


Garlic — 2 cloves

The yolk of chicken eggs — 2 PCs.

Dijon mustard — 1 tablespoon

Worcestershire sauce — tsp. BS

Lemon juice — 2 tbsp

Olive oil — 3 tbsp

Ground pepper, salt — to taste


1. Cut in small cubes baguette long, 1.5 cm On the surface of the pan pour 2 tbsp of olive oil, put the baguette cubes and stir, ensuring complete coverage of the cubes with oil. Put the pan in the oven. Mode baking 8-10 minutes at 200 degrees.

2. During baking the croutons, begin to heat on medium heat a tablespoon of olive oil. The chicken fell kaidou should be cut into two pieces along. Add pepper and salt to taste. Now we will fry until tender for 5 minutes on both sides.

3. Break lettuce into pieces and place in bottom of salad bowl.

4. Cut fried chicken into slices and put them over a salad. Top with seasoning, then sprinkle with parmezanom and crackers.

Served at the table.

Bon appetit!

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