The beneficial properties of dates


Twenty useful properties of the Italian dates

The beneficial properties of dates

1. Dates improve the functioning of the heart, kidneys and liver

2. In many countries the priests feed on many months among the dates in which soderjatsya all the essential nutrients for the human body.

3. Dates provide the proper acidic balance in the body.

4. Improve cerebral circulation and improve the brain.

5. Useful for patients suffering from hypertension and anemia.

6. Dates ensure the development of nerve endings of the brain.

7. These unique fruit increases the protective properties of the organism, the immune system.

8. Useful for people wanting to rid of the excess kilos — replace sugar.

9. Support the activity of beneficial microflora in the small intestine.

10. This is interesting: a single date contains around 23 calories large.

11. Improve lung capacity.

12. Dates are useful for pregnant and breast-feeding women, facilitate childbirth and stimulate lactation.

13. Suppress a dry cough and remove phlegm from the respiratory system with colds.

14. Useful for patients suffering from perilicom of the facial nerve.

15. Improve the functioning of the heart muscle.

16. Significantly reduce the risk of development of oncological diseases.

17. Dates have a tonic and restorative properties.

18. They can be used without fear of diabetics.

19. Restore lost strength to patients who suffered serious diseases.

20. Dates reduce physical fatigue and exhaustion of organism.

Eat, friends, dates!

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