Strawberry brew

Recently I had the opportunity to cook strawberry brew. This divine drink was liked by all. I hope that you will try to cook this recipe.

Strawberry brew

Strawberry brew


Fresh strawberries — 0,5 kg
Sugar — 100 g
Water — 1 l
Dry yeast — 2 g


1. The cooking process of strawberry brew, we start with the preparation of the main ingredient. Carefully wash the strawberries, remove, of course, the stalk and leaves.

You can use not only ripe, but unripe and slightly wilted berries.

Preparing strawberries

2. Now let’s start to cook strawberry harvesting. Pour berries with water and sugar is not added. Bring to the boil and leave for some time under the hood. The berries are pale. Take out with strainer or slotted spoon all the berries.

Add the sugar to the pan and dissolve it completely. Temperature broth about 35 degrees. Then add dry yeast. Please note, to avoid lumps, undissolved yeast or sugar.

The workpiece is placed in a warm dark place for 8 hours.

Procurement of kvass

3. After 8 hours, our brew is not yet ready for use. We must pour it into containers (plastic bottles) and place in the refrigerator.

After 1-2 days we will be able to enjoy the fragrant strawberry brew. The taste and texture of the drink we can change in several ways.

Add strawberries, crushed in a blender and the resulting thick brew. To brew was tart you can add a little ground ginger.

Bon appetit!

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