Soup with peas and lamb ribs


Soup from mutton with peas.

soup with peas and lamb ribs

Fresh recipe soup with peas and lamb ribs.


Half a kilo of lamb ribs;

One Cup of chickpeas;

3 medium potatoes;

Bay leaf, salt, pepper;

One onion;

One carrot;

1 tbsp lamb fat;

A bunch of parsley or cilantro.


1. My ribs, fill with water and boil for half an hour.

2. Add the peas, continue to cook for one hour.

3. Peel the carrots and onions, fry in fat until soft.

4. Into the broth put the stabilizing and potatoes, cut into wedges. Cook for 20 minutes until cooked potatoes.

5. 10 minutes before removing from heat, throw a Bay leaf, salt and pepper.

6. You pour the boiling water in the cooking process of the soup to the desired thickness, Boluda. Before serving sprinkle with fresh herbs.

Bon appetit!

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