Soup with beans


How to cook soup with beans

How to cook soup with beans

Soup with beans

This soup is as delicious, naritoku and aroma. You can use both natural and canned beans, cook the last 10 minutes.

Cabbage fresh, but I like pickled doctors say that it is much healthier. Here is the number of ingredients included in the soup, prepared in four-liter pan.


Beef (pork) — 500 g of meat

Beans — 200 g

Fresh or pickled cabbage — 200 g

Potatoes — 800 g

Carrot — 150 g

Onions — 150 g

Tomato paste (ketchup) — 3-4 tablespoons

Salt and pepper (to taste)

Begin cooking soup with beans:

1.Natural pre-soak beans 3-4 hours in cold water.

2.Cut the meat into small pieces.

3.Pieces of meat filled with water, sprinkle with salt and set on stove: cook for about one hour.

4.Add to saucepan with meat beans and cook everything until tender (about 30-40 minutes).

5.Peeled potatoes cut into wedges or cubes.

6.Try the readiness of beans — if you are ready, add the potatoes

7.Now add the cabbage and cook for another ten minutes.

8.Finely chop the onion.

9.Grate on average Tarocco carrots.

10.Fry the onion in vegetable oil.

11. To the onions add the chopped carrot and fry.

12.Add the tomato paste and simmer five minutes.

13. Roasted onions and carrots, transfer to a pot of soup.A taste and if needed add salt.

14. Cook further until the potatoes are done.

And now — all to the table!

Bon appetit!

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