Soup puree of leek

Today we must prepare a soup from leek. Just want to note that the dish diet, low-calorie. Useful for people wanting to get rid of extra pounds.

soup puree of leek

soup puree of leek



Leeks — 2 PCs.
Potatoes — 3-4 PCs.
Onion — 1 PC.


1. Clean the vegetables and chop them. Remove the top layer of the leek and wash under the tap.

Clean the vegetables and chop them

2. Melt a piece of butter

Melt a piece of butter

3. Fry slightly onion

Fry slightly onion

4. Add the potatoes

Add the potatoes

5. Pour water or broth. Add the peppers and salt. Can add to improve the taste of coriander, thyme and nutmeg

Pour water or broth

6. Put on medium heat. When it boils, cook for 15 minutes. Before serving puree is formed.

Put on medium heat

7. Before serving, can sprinkle in a bowl of soup fried slices of bacon or mushrooms.

Bon appetit!

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soup puree of leek

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