Soup-puree of cauliflower the recipe with photos


How do you feel about the soup? If you love, for you a recipe with a photo of soup with saffron and cauliflower. This dish is also called soup-karpilov.

Soup-puree of cauliflower


1 forks of cauliflower;

A pinch of ground nutmeg;

One onion;

1 KOF. spoon of saffron;

Olive oil;

1 clove of garlic.


1. The recipe is simple and has few ingredients. The main thing is cauliflower, nutmeg, saffron and olive oil. The rest you choose yourself.

The main ingredients of the soup

2. There are two ways to prepare the soup. The first option, as I have — first, boil the cabbage parsed into florets and add that in the photo below. You can apply the 2nd option immediately cook with all the ingredients in a saucepan with thick walls.

Preparing of ingredients for soup

3. Fry slightly a clove of garlic and half onion in olive oil. Crush garlic or grind will not, we cannot allow the distinct taste of garlic.

Fry onion and garlic in olive oil

4. In a pot with water, drop the cabbage, add contents of skillet and saffron. Boil until cooked cabbage.

Cook the cabbage, add contents of skillet and saffron

5. If the cabbage is ready, skip the blender and put the soup again on the stove until boiling. Sprinkle with salt. On top I sprinkled garlic salt crackers (it was blank). You can also cook in the microwave. The soup is ready! My kids really like soup.

Soup-puree of cauliflower1

Bon appetit!

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