Soup of Russian cuisine

Soup of Russian cuisine

Soup of Russian cuisine


1.Beef — 300 g. In the recipe and use a shovel, but the Shin is better (gives more gain).

2.Potato — 2 medium size

3.Onion — 1 PC.

4.Sour cream and green — at your discretion (to taste)

5.Red beet average — 1 PC.

6.Pepper, salt, Bay leaf

7.Carrot — 1 PC.

8.Fat — 50 g Can butter or vegetable oil.

9.Tomato paste 150 gr.

10.Cabbage 200 g (fresh or pickled)

11.Tomatoes — 3-4 pieces.

Ingredients for Russian borscht

In addition, we also need a saucepan with a volume of 2.5-3 l, a frying pan and always sharp knife. The soup we cook in an average of 40 minutes. It all depends on our plate.

In the presence of fresh tomatoes (not hothouse) tomato paste we do not need.Now let’s start to cook the soup.

Cut into small pieces of meat, dopuskaet in cold water and turn on the stove. This is very important: only cold water and for maximum fire!

While our meat is cooking, finely slice the bacon, onions and carrots.

Finely chop the bacon, onion and carrots

Put the fat in the pan, put on medium heat and wait until not formed skvorci. Take them here and fry the onion with the carrots.

Fry the bacon

Fry onions and carrots

And here is the meat began to boil. The foam gently remove with a slotted spoon and set fire to the middle, let them bubbling.

Skim off the foam from the boiling meat

Clean the beets and potatoes. Potatoes cut into small cubes to cook faster.

Clean the beets and potatoes

Fried onion with carrots and chopped potatoes, throw in the broth.

Onions, carrots and potatoes, put it into the broth

Grind the beets on a grater. Shred cabbage and tomatoes

Grind beets, cabbage and tomatoes

The crushed mixture is placed in a pan, pour the broth (two spoons) and put on medium heat and cover with a lid.

To the mixture add the broth and put it on the stove

Vegetables simmer for 10-15 minutes, then pour the mixture into the pan.

Vegetables simmer

Pour the mixture into the pan

Now add pepper, Bay leaf, salt. It is possible to taste add more lemon. Remove the soup from the heat and leave for a few minutes to infuse.

Bon appetit!


Soup of Russian cuisine


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