Simple chicken curry


Simple chicken curry


Simple chicken curry

Try a new and rather simple recipe for chicken dishes.


Ground pepper (black) — two tea spoons

Garlic — three cloves

Fresh ginger — a piece of root mash and get out of it 2 table spoons

Onions — three onions of medium size

Salt (add to taste)

Lemon juice — half teaspoon

Curry (powder) — two tea spoons


1. Triturated using a grater with small holes ginger and garlic. Put in a bowl and add curry, one half teaspoon of salt, black pepper, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and lemon juice.

2. Stir and put the bowl aside.

3. Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces.

4. Transfer spices to bowl with spice blend and mix.

5. In a blender, grind two onions into the resulting puree.

6. The third onion, cut into thin polyolene.

7. Two tablespoons of sunflower oil heated in a skillet. Throw chopped onion and fry it, stirring, until softened — about four minutes.

8. Now dobavlyayut the chopped onion and fry, stirring also, about five minutes.

9. Add our chicken with marinade again and roast, stir another five minutes.

10. Pour a clean glass of water, wait until boiling, reduce power OGA and leave to stew for about twenty minutes.

11. If necessary, we can apply the finished curry a necessary portion of salt and pepper.

Bon appetit!

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