Shakshouka recipe with photos


Shakshuka is a dish eksklyuzivnoe Moroccan cuisine. Now summer is the time to try it zamechatelnoe dish.

Shakshouka recipe with photos

Shakshouka recipe with photos


2 eggplant

2 tbsp olive oil

One ripe red tomato

One egg

One yellow sweet pepper

One bulb


1. Set of vegetables for cooking shakshuka you can pick up any. But I used eggplant, tomatoes, onions and bell pepper. Another time I will add garlic and zucchini.

Shakshouka recipe with photos

2. Clean the vegetables, cut them finely diced and placed in a pan with olive oil.

Place the vegetables with the olive oil in a frying pan

3. Fried and simmered the vegetables until tender over medium heat, then construct a «crater»

The vegetables are fried in a pan

4. Now in the crater add the egg carefully so as not to break the yolk.

Now in the crater add the egg

5. Fry on medium heat under the lid. It is not desirable to disturb!

Fry on medium heat under the lid

6. Well, perhaps, shakshuka is ready. It remains to add hot sauce. You can do without the sauce.

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Shakshouka recipe with photos

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