Schnitzel with egg


When was the last time you ate the schnitzel? Now we will prepare with you a schnitzel with egg. Believe me, the dish is very tasty and flavorful.

Schnitzel with egg


Schnitzel with egg


Pork 700 g

Pepper, salt

Loaf 100 g

Cheese 150 g

Milk 100 ml

Chicken eggs 8 PCs.

Luk 3 PCs.


1. First soak the bread in milk.

Soak bread in milk

2. Skip the bread, pork and onions through a meat grinder. Add pepper and salt. Mix all the ingredients.

Skip the bread, pork and onions through a meat grinder

3-4. Brush with oil and lay a paper baking tray. To recruit a handful of the minced meat and shape the Patty in the shape of boats, put on a baking tray. With a spoon to make small hole in the boat.

Form a cutlet-schnitzel

5. Each schnitzel to fill cheese, grated on a medium grater.Put the cheese in the recess of schnitzel.

Put the cheese in the recess of schnitzel

6-8. In each recess break a fresh egg. And accuatne to protein leaking outside. Sprinkle the cheese around the egg yolk. Place the baking tray in the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Bon appetit!

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Add the egg and cheese, bake in the oven

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