Salad Waldorf of American cuisine


Waldorf salad is an American salad with sour-sweet apples, cut into thin strips. It also includes a stem or root celery, walnuts. The dressing consists of mayonnaise and mustard (you can use lemon juice with Cayenne pepper).
You can prepare salad with raisins or fresh grapes, hazelnuts or walnuts. Original salad to complement the dinner and lunch. It will be more rich if you add the pieces of poultry or meat.

Uoldorfskoy salad served first hotel, new York Waldorf-Astoria. Now we know where it takes its name our salad.

Salad Waldorf

Salad Waldorf


Boiled chicken — 3 cups
Walnuts — half a Cup
Grapes chopped — 1 Cup
Black pepper and salt — to taste
Apple — 1 PC.
Natural honey — tbsp to taste
Celery chopped — 1 Cup
Mustard — 0.5 cups
Mayonnaise — 0.5 cups


1.Cut into dice cooked chicken and Apple. Put in a bowl.

Cut into dice cooked chicken and Apple

2.Add to the salad sliced stems (or root) celery, chopped walnuts and grapes

Add nuts, grapes and celery

3.Add salt and pepper, mayonnaise, honey and mustard. Mix salad ingredients and put it for half an hour in the fridge before serving.

Bon appetit!

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Add the remaining ingredients and stir

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