Salad of smoked salmon with pumpkin


Salad of smoked salmon with pumpkin

Salad of smoked salmon with pumpkin

On the blog a new recipe salad with salmon and pumpkin


Fillet of hot smoked salmon — 200 grams;

Sweet pepper — 2 PCs.;

The pulp of fresh pumpkin — 400 grams;

Cherry tomatoes — 8 pieces;

Onions red onions — 1 onion;

Olive oil — 3 tbsp;

Podsolnechnoe oil — 4 tbsp;

Natural honey — 1 tbsp;

Dry white wine — 1 tbsp

Pine nuts — one handful.


1. Cut the pumpkin cubes the same size.

2. My tomatoes and peppers. Pepper cut into thick strips and remove the core. Cube onions and cut into wide feathers.

3. Heated the oven to 180 graduel. Put it on protoni all our vegetables, sprinkle with salt and sprayed them with vegetable oil. Food Bolshoi cover and leave to bake for half an hour.

4. Prepare the filling: for this mix honey, wine and olive oil.

5. Cut the fish into small pieces. Ispechennye we shift the vegetables in salatnitsu, add the fish pieces and dress with the dressing. Up sprinkle with pine nuts.

Bon appetit!

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