Roast lamb


Roast lamb with herbs and garlic

Roast lamb with herbs and garlic

Roast lamb with herbs and garlic

Friends! And you know how best to cook the lamb? My recipe will appeal to you. In it, the meat is amazingly flavorful, tender and juicy.

If necessary, you can instead of lamb use beef. For the garnish will fit mashed potatoes, buckwheat or rice.

The amount of ingredients below will dostatochno for 6-8 servings. So there you go!


Take the lamb 1,5 kg (preferably leg).

Black pepper (peas) — 10 PCs.

Fresh garlic — 5 cloves.

Grass thyme — 1 tablespoon.

Grass marjoram — 1 tablespoon.

Vegetable oil — 5 tablespoons.

Salt and red pepper to taste.


1. RUB in the foot peppercorn.

2. Triturated garlic and add to peppers.

3. Mix oregano, oil and thyme.

4. Mix the ingredients of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, add salt to taste.

5. Now we have to RUB the meat thoroughly on all sides of the mass that we received from points 1-4.

6. Wrap the lamb (govyadina) in foil.

7. Put in prepared oven.

8. Mode: bake 2 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees.

And now quickly to the table!

Bon appetit!

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