Red Borsh recipe with photos


The home version of the soup. How to cook red borsch? Offer you a simple recipe for red borscht with step-by-step photos.

Soup red


500 grams pork tenderloin;

1 cabbage;

3 carrots medium size;

3 PCs green bell pepper;

4 red tomatoes;

3 cloves (cloves) of garlic;

150 grams fresh pork fat;

400 grams of potatoes;

Red beets — 1 PC.;

One onion.


1. Clean vegetables. I recommend overnight soak in water pork.

Products for soup

2. Fill with water and put the pork on the stove. Let boil, remove the noise and make the fire weaker. Even just a little bubbling.

Pork for red borscht

3. Prepare zazharku. For me it’s a side dish. Need to cook more — a small pan. Finely chop the bacon, carrot and beets. Carrots shinkuem. In a small pan put the bacon, so it can take fat. Throw back the onion and fry until spezifische smell.

Now it is the turn of carrot and beet. Add a little broth, tomatoes (tomato paste), a little sugar. Put on low heat and stew the vegetables. Waiting for the readiness of pork.


4. I got this pan with the browned vegetables.

Ready zazharku for red borscht

5. Ready take out the meat and cut into small cubes, stars, cubes or trianglesit’s the way you like it. Shinkuem cabbage. Finely chop the pepper. Now in a pan put meat, cabbage, potatoes and pepper.

The recipe for red borscht

6. Let them boil our soup while we prepare a delicious dressing. Remove the core of garlic (it gives the dish a bitterness!), coarsely chop the dill and a little fat. This mixture sprinkle with salt and rustoleum kitchen with a small hammer (you can grind in a mortar). In an extreme case, as I have — on a cutting Board.

A seasoning for red borscht

7. Now we have to collect it all in one pan. Put in a saucepan with meat, peppers, cabbage and potato sauté, mix and wait, when will begin to boil.

There also add the chopped bacon and dill and stir. Remove the test for the pepper and salt. This is the recipe for red borscht with photos. Help yourself to themselves and their families.

A serving of red borscht

Bon appetit!

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