Raspberry pie


Raspberry pie

Raspberry pie

Today we are friends, we will bake a pie with raspberries


For the dough:

The wheat flour — 170 g

Baking powder — 1 teaspoon

Sour cream — 2 tbsp

Butter — 100 g


Fresh raspberries — 500 g

The vanilla — select on taste

Egg — 1 PC.

Sugar — 200 g

Sour cream — 200 g

Wheat flour — 2 tbsp


1. First, preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees

2. Prepare the dough. The oil at room temperature and sour cream mix with a mixer. Add the flour and baking powder, start to knead the dough, which should be non-sticky, homogeneous consistency.

3. Lay the dough into the pan (I use a form with a diameter of 20 cm), distributing it along the bottom and edges for the formation of high ledges.

4. In the middle, pour the raspberries.

5. Prepare the cream. Smaxivaet flour, egg, sour cream and sugar. You can add to taste a little ground cinnamon. Pour this mixture on top of raspberries.

6. The pan with a pie put in the oven for 50 minutes.

7. Take out the cake, leave it cool slightly and take out from the mold.

Bon appetit!

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