Puree soup with leek

The recipe of the soup with the addition of leek on the steps with photos

Puree soup with leek


Puree soup with leek




3.Potatoes — 4 PCs.



We clean our raw materials and cut. Remove the top layer from the leek and thoroughly wash under running water. The soup will be light or greenish if you clean the potatoes, if not clean, then brown.

Clean raw materials

Melt a knob of butter

Melt a knob of butter

Fry slightly onion

Fry slightly onion1

Add the sliced potatoes

Add the sliced potatoes

Pour broth. Add pepper and salt to taste, add coriander, nutmeg and thyme.

Pour broth

Boil for 15 minutes, and the soup is ready! Before serving, form a pureed soup.

Boil the soup, a puree is formed

Now, add to soup, sauteed mushrooms, slices of brisket.

Bon appetit!


Puree soup with leek

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