Pros And Cons Of The Different Coffee Brewing Methods

We love the way coffee tastes and smells. A good cup of coffee really gives a spark to our day and makes us that much more productive. And, just as there are many different types of coffee, there are multiple ways to brew it.

Let’s take a look at the many different ways there are to brew coffee, along with their pros and cons.

French Press- French press is an older way to brew coffee and it’s not overly complex to do. At first, whole coffee beans are ground into a coarse consistency and nearly boiling water is poured. Let it sit for about four minutes and press it. Because French presses don’t use a fine paper filter, minute coffee grounds will make it through the press.

Pros: less caffeine and small batches are appropriate for personal use. A French press is easy to do and you can get great flavour.

Cons: coffee doesn’t stay hot for long, because French presses use lower temperatures. It can be time consuming and the smaller batch isn’t appropriate for large parties. French press isn’t very customizable and cleaning up is tedious.

Coffee Pods- using Nespresso compatible coffee pods, you can create a wide range of unique coffee drinks at home in very little time.

Pros: organic coffee capsules are inexpensive and good for the environment.

Cons: it takes a lot of Nespresso compatible coffee pods to make coffee for your guests.

Drip- soak coffee grounds with almost boiling water and strain it through a filter. The drip technique has been refined for centuries and today, it’s drastically improved compared to the original method.

Pros: its large batch is perfect for events and coffee houses. Each cup is highly caffeinated with consistent flavours.

Cons: not easy to customise and some complex flavours of premium blends could be removed by the extraction process.

Espresso- once Italy’s best kept secret, it is now a very common way to brew coffee around the world. Espresso is a more concentrated coffee extract with less water.

Pros: thick, rich taste and ideal for personal consumption. Highly customisable and with more caffeine in each cup.

Cons: difficult to make and it requires expensive equipment to make good espresso. It can be overpowering for the average coffee drinker or for people with sensitive palate.

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