Pozharsky cutlets


Pozharsky cutlets


Pozharsky cutlets

For you guys on the blog a new recipe «the Secret of tasty cutlets Pozharsky«

I want to say that the Pozharsky cutlet — a true meat treat. For cooking we will need a tender chicken. Burgers get a flavorful and festive, rosy and crisp.I’m sorry that the semi-finished products, which are sold in supermarkets are not suitable for our recipe.

To cook Pozharsky cutlets at home — troublesome, but you now know a few secrets that will help you to cook better than a professional chef.

A side dish for our burgers will fit buckwheat, roasted or baked potatoes.

Pozharsky cutlets

Look at the history of cooking.

Pozharsky cutlets are dishes of Russian national cuisine. They are known from the first half of the 19th century. We know that these burgers for the first time has prepared the famous landlady Darya Pozharskayashe’s the proprietor in Torzhokbetween St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Many travellers sought to the pub to again and again to taste this culinary masterpiece. Over time, the secret recipe revealed, and burgers began to appear in all taverns and restaurants in Russia, and even in private homes.

Pozharsky cutlets2

The secrets of making.

Meat (secret number 1)

For Pozharsky cutlets take only chicken, extremely fatty part from the legs and the breast. Two types of chicken meat in proportion 1:1.

Some use in this recipe veal, but it‘s not the original, but only its variation. Do not purchase the meat, to cut the chicken we should own.

And the stuffing will cook with a sharp knife blade the grinder is less preferable. Select large fatty chicken. Remove the skin and bones, even the smallest.

Pozharsky cutlets3

No eggs! (Secret number 2)

In the original recipe excludes the use of eggs. This trick made it possible to give amazing taste Pozharsky cutlets.

Pozharsky cutlets4

Correct proportions (the secret number 3)

At the bottom will indicate the correct proportion of ingredients needed for a classic recipe Pozharsky cutlets.

I do not advise you to do the experiments, the distortion is unacceptable. Encourage original cooking.

Pozharsky cutlets5

The breading (secret # 4)

Don’t buy a mix for breading, and prepare it as in the traditional recipe. It is prepared exclusively from the crusts of white bread.

Better to cook slightly podmochennoy crust of white bread with the use of a coarse grater. We would get rice flakes of medium length.

Pozharsky cutlets6

Kneading (secret number 5)

Knead the mince with your handsit will be the right consistency. First, knead the seam, then gather into a ball, mash again into the reservoir, again collected into a ball and thrown several times from a height onto the work surface of the table.

Beats the stuffing in the bag to avoid flying pieces of meat. We would get a very plastic mass, it is easy to turn into kotlety even without the addition of traditional eggs.

It is very important not to move the meat, it can become liquid. But if nadomesti, the burgers would not be distinct form.

Pozharsky cutlets7

Only fresh burgers (secret number 6)

Pozharsky cutlets has long been customary to eat immediately after cookinghot with the heat! Preheated patties lose the original taste and original visual appeal.

Have just cooked cutlets tender flesh of meat and crisp, and yesterday — pulp rubber, and the crust is wet.

Pozharsky cutlets8

Recipe Pozharsky cutlets


800 grams of chicken meat;

Pepper, salt;

1 Cup heavy cream;

1 tbsp olive oil (for frying);

150 grams of crumb of white bread;

50 grams butter (for frying);

200 grams of white bread crusts;

150 grams butter (for the filling);

400 grams of onions;


1. Cut small cubes of butter (about 0.5 cm), put them in the freezer. Fry chopped onion in butter until transparent. When ostnet onion, add it to minced beef.

2. Steeped in fatty cream crumb of white bread and, without pressing, add to the onions and minced meat. This mass knead with your hands to desired consistency.

3. Plastic in the meat put the frozen butter and mix everything together at once. The butter should not melt.

4. Put a cutlet mass for half an hour in the fridge. The fat has cooled, and the mass is more plastic.

5. Pour on a flat dish breaded, placed near the form of hot water, in which we will be dipping their hands before modeling each of the patties.

6. The stuffing take as much as fits in the palm of your hand, without a slide, and form oval patties.

7. Coat each cutlet in breadcrumbs. Lay out the cutlets on a dish or cutting Board. All this is done fast to weight not burgers and hot.

8. Cutlets will fry mixture left over from frying onions. Podrumyanivaya on both sides for a few minutes. Until fully cooked, put the cutlets on the baking pan, covered with foil, in the oven at 180 degrees. Readiness check wooden stick.

Bon appetit!

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