Potatoes baked in foil


Potatoes baked in foil

Potatoes baked in foil

On the blog a new recipe for Baked potato in foil


1. 6 potatoes of medium size;

2. One onion;

3. 50 grams of smoked bacon;

4. 1 pkg. foil food.


1. Select potatoes of the same size. For this recipe we use bacon. Can fresh bacon or bacon. Still need spices, onions and foil.

Potatoes baked in foil1

2. Clean the potato and cut into two halves. Each of them cut in the form of mesh. You guessed it — you want the potatoes have absorbed the fat and spices.

Potatoes baked in foil2

3. Halves of potatoes placed near each other. Each of them sprinkle salt, pepper, paprika powder, put stripes of bacon and a slice of onion.

Potatoes baked in foil3

4. Fold the halves as pictured:

Potatoes baked in foil4


5. Double wrap each half in foil. Put in large bowl. The oven should already be preheated to 180-200 degrees.

Potatoes baked in foil5

6. Note the time. If the potatoes are large, in 20 minutes he is not ready. Turn over each potato and bake for half an hour. Potatoes very tasty. I like it better than baked in the coals.

Potatoes baked in foil6
Bon appetit!

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