Pork dishes


Pork dishes. Tender pork chops
Pork dishes


Pork meat — 600-700 g

Whole milk — 1 package


Ground black pepper


Wheat flour

Egg — 1 PC.


1. First cut the meat into good beats.

2. Mix 1 teaspoon sugar, salt and pepper. With this mixture RUB the chops.

3. Now the most important thing. The workpiece chops placed in a deep plate, pour until full coverage of whole milk and leave for three hours.

4. Take the meat and dip it first into flour, then into liquid egg and carry squaredo already warmed up vegetable oil. Fry until cooked until fragrant pink crust

5. The chops turned out insanely delicious, tender, juicy and soft.

Bon appetit!

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