Pea soup recipe with photos for the steps

We are very fond of peas. The dishes are very tasty. Today we will make split pea soup

pea soup


Pea soup recipe with photos for the steps


1.Peas dry or canned.


3.Salt, thyme, pepper — to taste



6.Butter or goat cheese

Ingredients for soup


Chop the onion, fry it in oil or fat. Peas rinse and soak. Pour onion broth (water), place the peas and cook until ready, after adding spices. Stock or water should be plenty, as the peas will become very thick.

Cook onion with peas

Start purinovmi soup. If too thick, add broth. Now you can add more cream cheese.

Porirua soup

Before serving, pour the cream, you can sprinkle toasted, bacon or goat cheese.

Bon appetit!


pea soup

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