Pork for a couple


My family loves pork. But the special taste becomes pork, steamed. We all know that meals for a couple more useful than fried and smoked. Read more »

Chicken with peaches, capers, rice, and American kitchen


Friends, this recipe is so good that it utilizes a slow cooker, and the kitchen to a minimum is a mess. Recipe with chicken is very simple. Chicken priobretaet exotic flavor thanks to capers, white wine and peaches. But boiled rice is an excellent side dish to it.

Chicken with peaches, capers, rice

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Cream soup with shiitake mushrooms


Do you like mushrooms? On our table quite often this wonderful product. The soup, which suggest you, you can cook any mushrooms: champignons, chanterelles or oyster mushrooms.

But keep in mind that the most delicious soup with shiitake happens. Flavored cream soup served before dinner, he nasylaet and warm, enough calorie to eat less at dinner.

Cream soup with shiitake mushrooms

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Cream of potato soup with celery


Friends! You know that soups are very useful: they are lightweight, quick to ripen in the cold season, quickly absorbed by the body.

The chicken broth has substances that facilitate the patient’s condition colds.

While the first dish is always less calories than steamed or fried, the nutritional value is not inferior to them. Moreover, entrees for those who wants to get rid of extra pounds.

Cream of potato soup with celery

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Black radish in cooking, salad of Uzbekistan


And now I propose to you a unique recipe of the Salad of Uzbekistan», which will be an excellent decoration of any holiday table.Leading chefs know well that the combination of white and black is classic elegance.

Because under the skin the black color of the radish flesh is white.
Usually the dish is served as-is, and the shading for the subtlety of flavor you can add a couple drops of lemon juice and olive oil.

Salad of Uzbekistan

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