Nettle soup


Nettle soup

Nettle soup
Friends! You know that nettle is a champion of the content of ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C and many other nutrients.

In Russia since ancient times, nettle is used for cooking soup and cabbage soup, and in the years of world hunger it has saved people from death. If you decide to cook the soup according to my recipe, pick nettle far away from roads and other sources of air pollution.


Nettle — take a big bunch

Two potatoes

One head of onions

One carrot

Small bunch of dill

As much fresh parsley

Tablespoon lemon juice

Two tbsp of sour cream

Salt, vegetable oil


1. First boil half a litre of salted water, put it in the cleaned, peeled potatoes and cook until tender (check with fork).

2. Take out the hot potato (reserve the broth!), mix it with sour cream, return to the pan where we left the broth, mix again and cook on medium heat.

3. Cut in the form of straw, peeled carrots and onions. My running water the nettles and greens, obsesive them, slice thinly and throw into the soup. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

4. After a couple of minutes inmem plate with nettle soup and poured on plates.

Bon appetit!

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