Mushroom soup step by step recipe with photos

Mushrooms are very useful, they are rich in vitamins, proteins and trace elements. Today we’ll make you mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup


Mushroom soup step by step recipe with photos


1.Any mushrooms at your discretion — 500 g


3.Onion — 1 PC.

4.Cream 75-100 g.

5.Pepper, salt — to taste.

6.Vegetable oil — 30 g.


Cut the onion into cubes and passeruem in a small amount of oil until transparent.

Cut the onion

Cut the mushrooms. You can take and frozen. Put in the saucepan where you sautéed the onions, added water to 2 inches above level of mushrooms.

Cut the mushrooms

Cook the soup for 10-15 minutes. Add to taste nutmeg, pepper and salt.

Cook the soup

Break blender. It is best when it is not very strongly punctured and visible small pieces of mushrooms.

Break blender

Add the cream and heated, but without boiling. Poured into plates and decorate with greens.

Bon appetit!


Mushroom soup

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