Mushroom burgers


The most delicious mushroom burgers

mushroom burgers

New recipe on the blog: burgers of mushrooms.


Fresh mushrooms1 kg.;

2 or three onions;

Chicken eggs3-4 pieces.;

The breadcrumbs;

100-150 grams of oatmeal;

Sunflower oil;

Black ground pepper;


Technology of preparation:

1. My under running water mushrooms, clean them, cut into pieces and boil in salted water. Transfer to a colander.

mushroom burgers1

Grind in a meat grinder onions and mushrooms.

mushroom burgers2

In forcemeat add eggs, pepper, crushed cereal and salt. Stir everything and wait for half an hour, when swell cereal.

mushroom burgers3

Now we can form patties from the resulting meat. Coat them in breadcrumbs and place in hot pan with vegetable oil. Fry on both sides until Golden brown.

mushroom burgers4

Cooked patties of mushrooms can be served with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes.

mushroom burgers

Bon appetit!

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