Meat Solyanka

Friends! Today we will prepare Solyanka meat. Believe me, the dish is very tasty!

Meat Solyanka


Meat Solyanka


1.1,2 kg beef brisket

2.Onions — 4 PCs.

3.Tomatoes — 5 PCs.

4.Tomato paste — 1 tbsp

5.Meats — 3-4 species 100 g

6.Cask cucumbers — 2-3 PCs.

7.Mushrooms are salted or pickled = 2-4 tablespoons

8.Olive, lemon, capers, black olives, sour cream and herbs — to taste.


We clean from the films of the bacon, and cook the usual soup. After boiling several times to remove the foam. Put black pepper, Bay leaf.

Cook the meat on low heat, covered for two hours. While cooking prepare the other ingredients.

Meat beef

Cut into thin half-rings onions and saute in a small amount of oil over a medium heat, do not allow Browning. Adjust the heat until the onions are translucent.

Parboil onions

Make tomatoes. Remove from skin and chop finely. Add to the onions. Continue to fry until the evaporated juice from the tomatoes. Add a teaspoon of tomato paste. If tomatoes are very sour, add a little sugar.

Add to the onions tomatoes

The broth is ready. Take out meat and strain the broth. In the broth, add fried onion with tomatoes.

Take out the meat from the broth

Now start laying meat products. Finely cut products in the form of straw.

Cut the meat into

Sliced smoked

When brisket has cooled, slice it and sent along with the cartilage in the broth.It was the turn for the cucumbers: cut them into strips.

Throw in smoked broth

Put it into the broth cucumbers

Put it into the broth brisket

Finishing cooking soups, you can add 1-3 slices of lemon without seeds and peel. As well as 2-3 tablespoons of mushrooms. Each one makes a bag for yourself in sugar and salt. Then give the bag to infuse.

Mushrooms for soups

Throw slices of lemon

As soon as the bag rises, we may in our discretion add to bowl olives, lemon, sour cream and capers, and chopped parsley.

Dish soups

Bon appetit!  


Meat Solyanka

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