Meat salad «shabu shabu» recipe with photos


I have prepared for you today a new recipe for meat salad «shabu shabu«. I hope everyone will like. Home away from it all happy.

Meat salad shabu shabu recipe with photos

Meat salad «shabu shabu» recipe with photos


Veal 300 g

Mandarin 1 PC.

Onion 1-2 PCs.

Rosemary — 1 sprig

Red tomato 2-3 PCs.

Balsamic vinegar 1-2 tsp.

Salad leaves 1 bunch

Dried Basil 1 tsp.

Lemon 1/5


Sugar 1 tbsp.

Garlic cloves 1-2 pieces

Olive oil 1-2 tbsp


1. We procure quality products

Products for meat salad

2. Chop the onion into thin half rings and marinate it, after the Bay of lemon juice and sugar. Stir, add salt and pepper.

To pickle the onions

3. Cook the meat for the salad. Salad shabushabu is also called shabu-shabu. Where did that name come? From the sound, which makes the meat when lowering it into the boiling broth. Put the pan on the stove. Cut slightly frozen meat slices tonguie.

Prepare the meat

4. After boiling water, throw salt in there and omit the meat, cooking will no more than 10-15 seconds.

Get boiled meat

5. Now prepare the sauce. Throw in a hot pan with olive oil two chopped garlic cloves and a few slices of pepper. Fry, then remove the garlic, butter and pepper put in a saucepan, there also add a little dried Basil and fresh rosemary. Now it is the turn of balsamic vinegar (2-3 tsp).

Prepare sauce

6. In a deep bowl put layers of meat, pickled onions, sauce, more meat, marinated onion sauce and continue in the same spirit. Cover with film and leave for a few minutes. During this time the meat becomes magical.

Layered meat salad

7. In a large plate put a bed of salad leaves, then layers of meat with onions, fresh tomatoes and repeat the layers.

Layers of salad ingredients

8. Well, perhaps, and all.

Bon appetit!

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Meat salad shabu shabu recipe with photos


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