Meat in wine recipe with photos


Come on, guys, prepare for lunch the pork in wine with mushroom sauce. Meat in wine is a delicacy. And the recipe of the basic. That’s just the sauce will have some trouble. Not without reason the French say that the secret of the best food in sauce!

Meat in wine


Meat in wine recipe with photos


Boneless pork 1kg

Fresh dill — a small bunch

White home wine 350 ml

A mixture of peppers, salt

Fresh mushrooms 200 g

Sour cream 2 tbsp.

Cloves of garlic 4 PCs.

Butter 1.5 tbsp

Wheat flour 2 tbsp.

Vegetable oil 3 tbsp.


1. Cut pork into large chunks. My family is small pieces of meat do not like. Fry the meat (without oil) on a powerful fire that it is browned on both sides.

Add salt and pepper to taste in about five minutes after the start of roasting. Other spices are not added.

Fry pork

2. Fried meat put in a container for baking, pour white dining vinai, be sure to cover with lid.
Filled with wine put the meat in the oven (in convection oven).

On 40 minutes put 200 degrees, then on the same time recruit 170 gr. and finally 150 gr. on 40 minutes. The meat is cooked about 2 hours.

Check the meatit is possible to bite off lips, so gentle it we did it.

Pour the fried meat with wine

3. While baking the meat, prepare the sauce. Our sauce consists of sauteed mushrooms, which are better to fry with minimal amount of oil, almost without him.

Fried mushrooms for the sauce

4. Ready mushrooms lay off until. Prepare the garlic butter. First, peel the garlic, press a clove into two pieces, take out the middle (the core) and discarded. On a frying pan, heats 2 tbsp oil podsolnechnoe. Throw the garlic into the pan and fry, stirring all the time. Attention! It is very important not to overcook the garlic. Once garlic is browned, remove it from the oil. Readyoil has got the right scent!

Fry in oil the garlic

5. Add to the flour. Stirring constantly, saute wheat flour and get a homogeneous mass. The stage is cooked on low heat!

So is the onion flour

6. It is time to attach the cream and butter. Instead of sour cream is better to take the cream, there you have them. Mix thoroughly and tormented for not more than one minute.

Now add the butter and sour cream

7. Now to the sauce add the mushrooms, sprinkle with salt and pepper according to your taste. Stir and cook one minute. To the top of the sauce film was formed, before the end of cooking, put on top several pieces of butter. Add finally chopped fresh dill, and a sauce is ready!

Finish the cooking of the sauce

Bon appétit!!!

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Meat in wine recipe photo

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