Mackerel own salting


Mackerel own salting

Mackerel own salting

Fresh on the blog recipeHow to pickle mackerel


Two fish mackerel;

One liter of water;

4 Bay leaves;

3 tbsp. sugar;

Salt5 tbsp;

5 fragrant pepper;

8 peas of black pepper;

5 grains of cloves.


1. A pot of water put on the stove, throw sugar and salt, bring to a boil. Add cloves, Bay leaf, allspice and black pepper. Cooled.

Mackerel own salting1

2. Gutting the fish, wash thoroughly and cut into pieces a La carte.

Mackerel own salting2

3. Pieces of mackerel are put into the jar, up pour the marinade, close the plastic lid and put on 2-3 days in the fridge.

Mackerel own salting3
Bon appetit!

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