Lamb with buckwheat in a pumpkin


Lamb with buckwheat in a pumpkin

Lamb with buckwheat

The original dish — buckwheat with lamb baked in a pumpkin.


3 kg of pumpkin;

Salt — 1 tsp;

10 grams of sugar;

Ground black pepper — 1 tsp;

500 grams of buckwheat;

Half a kilo lamb;

One or two onions;

Garlic — 2-3 cloves:

Vegetable oil.

Technology of preparation:

1. Remove knife the top of the pumpkin, we choose seeds from the inside. Gently with a thin blade knife, remove the pumpkin flesh without damaging the shell. The thickness of the pumpkin wall should be no less than 1.5 cm. the inside of the pumpkin, RUB with a mixture of black pepper, salt and sugar.

Lamb with buckwheat1

2 put the Pumpkin in a preheated 180 degree oven. «Cap» is placed nearby. Bake for about an hour. The inside of the pumpkin should be soft so they can easily scrape it with a spoon. But the pumpkin needs to keep his form.

Lamb with buckwheat2

3 fry the Buckwheat in a dry frying pan and put in a pot of boiling water, cook until semi cooked .

Lamb with buckwheat3

4. In another pan fry in vegetable oil finely chopped lamb and add the pumpkin slices and onion, salt and pepper. Fry the mixture until cooked.

Lamb with buckwheat4

5. Get the pumpkin from the oven, carefully vystrelivaet from the walls of the entire pulp. Pumpkin puree can be added separately to the cereal, adding butter. Mix the meat with porridge and put in the pumpkin, not consolidating. Pour half a Cup of boiling water and we put all the garlic cloves.

Lamb with buckwheat5

6. Pumpkin close it with a lid.Lubricates the outer surface of the pumpkin with vegetable oil, not much, but just to make it sparkle. This will allow us to get a beautiful crust. Put the pumpkin in a cast iron deep pan, lined with parchment paper. Now it’s time to bake in the oven at 180 degrees for one hour.

Lamb with buckwheat6

Bon appetit!

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