Lamb baked


Lamb baked

Lamb baked


Lamb roast step by step recipe with photos


Lamb leg — 1 PC.;

3 carrots;

2 heads of garlic;

2 bulbs;

100 grams of olive oil;

Red sweet pepper — 2 PCs.;

Yellow sweet pepper — 2 PCs.


1. Remove the blade bone, the flesh remains with one stone. The tip of the bone cut off, and all we got was 2.5 kg fresh lamb.

Lamb baked1

2. Fry lamb in vegetable oil in a skillet on all sides until you see Golden crust.Better to use olive oil. While the meat is roasting, prepare the vegetables. You can take more vegetables than in the recipe. Cut along the vegetables and add a few leaves of celery.

Lamb baked2

3. Spread the vegetables on a baking sheet. Meat turned out a vegetable cushion. Sprinkle lamb minced in a mortar with spices (cumin, salt, coriander, peas colored pepper). Squirting oil and add half a Cup of boiled water (broth). And now it’s time in the ovenput the oven at 200 degrees.

Lamb baked3

4. I had often to turn the meat in the oven. When instability of the piece under it scoops the vegetables. Tried to roast pieces of meat on all sides. When I saw that burn the vegetables and the liquid evaporates, add a little water and postoyanno poured juice vegetables. Checked the readiness of a wooden skewer. If the puncture site appears slightly pinkish juice, the meat is ready.

Lamb baked4

5. And now the most interesting. The French throw away the vegetables remaining in the pan, only used them to flavor meat. But we tried the roasted vegetables and was surprised by their taste. Put instead of a side dish.

Lamb baked5

Bon appetit!

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