How to use a microwave popcorn popper?

What is a microwave popcorn popper?

Do you need a bowl of delicious popcorn whenever you stream your favorite Netflix show? Are you bored or tired of using a stovetop popcorn maker? Do you have a microwave oven? Then you have to use the best microwave popcorn popper to suit the needs. A microwave popcorn popper is a kettle that can pop the kernels along with other ingredients like butter and salt in a microwave. You do not want to add any oil to pop in this maker. It will use microwaves for popping the corn. All you need to do is dump the kernels into the popper and place it in the oven and wait for a few minutes. Fresh popcorn will be ready without any extra efforts. Let us discuss the usage and advantages of microwaveable popcorn popper in this article.

How to use a microwave popcorn popper?

  • Clean up the glass popper that is washable
  • Dump your kernels into the container, usually half a cup
  • You can dump the kernels using the silicone lid which will be like a cup
  • You can add butter to the silicone lid of the popper that helps to melt it
  • You do not need to mix the butter manually since the melting lid drips the butter during the popping process
  • Close the lid and place the popper into the microwave oven
  • Set an optimum temperature
  • After 3 minutes, your popcorn is ready to serve
  • Dump the fresh popcorn to a bowl and serve
  • You can also add any additional flavors to the corn
  • For the consecutive batches of popping, you can stop the oven when the popping slows down with a gap of 2 seconds between each pop

Advantages of a microwave popcorn popper

  • Absence of oil reduces the calories and provides a healthy snack
  • No need for attendance during popping since the oven does the job
  • Possibility of corns getting burned is less since it is purely popped using microwaves
  • You can get delicious popcorn
  • Butter is added automatically from the lid
  • It takes only a maximum of 3 minutes to pop the corns using this popper
  • The popper is washable in a dishwasher
  • No fear of skin burns during direct touch with the popper since it is a glass popper mostly
  • It is very economical


Taking into account its convenience to use, quicker popping process, and quality popcorn output, it would be best to get a microwave popcorn popper. Since this popper is washable, you can get a clean popper every consecutive popping. If you feel tired of popping using a stovetop popper or if you do not have a stove at your home, microwave popper is the best choice. Low-calorie snack is a gift to everyone, and this popper makes it even more gifted by providing delicious output without the use of any vegetable oil. You can also use this popper to get rid of unwanted and harmful chemicals that are used in readymade microwaveable popcorn bags out there.

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