How to pickle fat


How to pickle fat

How to pickle fat

Although it is said that Salo is a traditional product of Ukraine, in fact, lard is the traditional ingredient for many recipes of cooking in Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

During the old Ages of the fat was the staple food for the peasants of Europe. Apparently this is due to the fact that these areas were often attacked by the Tatars and the Turks, Muslims who were taken from the people all the bird and animals, except pigs, which are forbidden by the Koran.

The national Russian cuisine fat fried, salted, smoked or just serve sliced with rye bread as a snack.

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Some interesting facts about fat

The calorie content of the product ranges from 720 to 900 high calories. Fat is a very satisfying product and is recommended for people engaged in heavy physical labor.

The quality of fat is significantly different depending on the diet of pigs. When added to modern food additives, there has been a rapid growth of animals, but this seriously affects the taste and quality of fat.

The best fat where pigs are fed acorns, porridge with milk, sugar beets, potatoes. Currently, in the regions of Russia about bred 11 pig breeds of foreign and domestic origin.

Every year in Ukraine on 27 August to celebrate the Day of fat. In the city there is a restaurant-Museum with the exhibition of fat. There are songs and even sculptures made of fat, colourful paintings and everything else.

We know that Columbus reached the American continent, thanks to the bacon and ham, because they can be stored up to six months.

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Beneficial properties fat

Many nutritionists are protesting, believing that fat causes obesity. But in recent years to fat ratio has changed. The fact is that fat contains a number of valuable unsaturated fatty acids. It is proved that consumption of fat from 10 to 30 grams per day is very useful.

Fat contains the polyunsaturated arachidonic acid, which is absent in vegetable oil; fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, linolenic). fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and carotene.

Fat has a powerful choleretic action. Fat win the constipation and problems with the gall bladder. Fat suppress dental pain, treat mastitis, heel spurs, painful joints, burns and frostbite.

Regular consumption of a small amount of fat regulates cholesterol metabolism, improves liver function, normalizes cellular and hormonal activity.

Fat promotes the excretion of radionuclides and toxins from the body. Helps ease hangovers — enough to eat a small piece of bacon and heading to the party.

Very useful to eat bacon during a riotous feast. Fat 5 times more powerful on the level of biological activity than butter and animal fat. Mind you, the fat is much less cholesterol than butter.

Caution: don’t eat the fat on an empty stomach, so as not to burden the pancreas, and pancreatitis did not earn!

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Choose fresh bacon

If the fat is thinner than four inches, so the pig was young. Too fat fat with yellow streaks — a sign that the animal was old and he was fed wrong.

Do not buy fat thicker than five centimeters! Fat affects your taste, if it got the blood when slaughtering pigs. The taste of fat is highly dependent on the method of processing the carcass.

Good fat is good, if his skin still smells of burnt barley straw. Do not buy bacon with the back. The best pieces from the ribs, lower sternum, but not from the peritoneum, where it is very hard.

Good fat is not loose, without any lumps. Lumps indicate low quality products.

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When buying bacon, look for a skin that needs to be well scraped, without bristles. Brown sign that a pig tarred straw — the fat is rich flavor.

The smell of bacon must be slacklines, even better, if gives smoke. Surface fat must not be sticky or slippery.

Important point. Go to buy the fattake a lighter. Sear a small piece. If gives urea is a fat boar, the smell of you does not stop.

Pierce the fat with a match. Fresh bacon, if easily pierced. Do the same with the skin on.

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How to pickle fat

Cut the bacon into pieces that easily fit in a standard plastic bag (6X10 cm). On each piece make a longitudinal incision on the opposite sides of the skin.

The incision should be 2-2,5 cm in depth. Coarsely chop the garlic (each clove into 4 pieces) and put in the cuts, but first sprinkle salt on all sides.

Salt should be of stone, but not iodized. Do not spare the salt — the bacon will soak yourself as much as you need. Place the prepared bacon in the package (one piece in one package), again sprinkle salt on top and put a couple cloves of garlic.

Wrap the package tightly and keep 2-3 days at room temperature. When you select perevernite juice pack to a piece of bacon was in this juice.

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Three days later, put the bacon in the fridge. Do not use the freezerit will ruin the texture of the product. A storage temperature of +6+10 degrees. Aged for 3-4 days and start testing for readiness.

If you have dark pink streaks on all sides — all ready to eat. Presence pale pink veins forcing us to re-pour the piece again with salt and place in the refrigerator.

Ready fat cleaned of salt and stored in the freezer at minus 10, but not less degree.

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