Herring in Dutch


Herring in Dutch

Herring in Dutch

Today I will teach you friends how to cook herring the Dutch way.

I assure you — it’s delicious!


Two fresh-frozen herring;

Onions — two onions;

A half of a lemon;

Approximately six teaspoons of sugar;

One carrot;

Peppercorns — 8-10 PCs.;

10-12 PCs. Bay leaf.


1. It is very important to buy good herring fat, slowly defrosting it and leave it overnight in the fridge on the bottom shelf.

2. The next morning we begin to gut the herring. Cut together with gills the head. To tail, cut the abdomen and cleaned the blade of a knife from the inside.

3. A shallow cut on the back (lengthwise), gently, slowly remove the peel in the direction from head to tail. Be careful not to fish off with the skin. After removing the skin easy to remove the fins, cut off the tail.

4. Easily take out the ridge. Turn over the kippers and share it into two halves from the back.

5. Completely remove the spinal bone, remove ostavshihsja ribs and small bones. Cut into small pieces about 2 cm in width.

6. Lemon cut into thin slices, grind on tehniku grated carrots, sliced onion rings.

7. All that we got put into the jar in this order: on the bottom, a few rings of onion, a pinch of pepper, Bay leaf, pivchaynoyi teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of carrot and a slice of lemon.

8. The top — layer with pieces of herring. After — again, as in paragraph 7. And thus move to the neck of the banks, pressing each new layer.

9. Close the jar with a plastic cap and placed in the refrigerator.

10. Try the dish for 2-3 days. Admire from cooked, everything flowed Slyunkov. Was very vkusnaya, tender and juicy herring.

11. Before serving you can pour vegetable oil and a little salt.

Bon appetit!

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