Get These Essentials from a Los Angeles Indian Store

Visiting a Los Angeles Indian Store – Bakkal Delivery App is a delightful experience that you will definitely love. There are lots of items you can get here, and some of these are the following:

Indian Dairy 

Indian-style pressed cottage or paneer is one of those daily ingredients you should have in your fridge. Having a block of paneer handy can make your dinnertime super convenient and easy. You can find paneer in the frozen and refrigerated sections of the store.

Ghee is yet another famous dairy product you cannot get in regular stores. You can buy the traditional milk-made ghee or there is also vegan ghee made from vegetable oil. You can add one teaspoonful of this to your Indian dishes to achieve that authentic taste and flavor. 

Indian Snacks 

Indian desserts and snacks are simple indulgences you should definitely buy during your visit in an Indian store in Los Angeles. Many stores offer an extensive variety of snacks such as aloo bhujia, chevda, spiced chickpeas, Bombay mix, charmuri, and bhelpuri. 

Many Indian grocery stores also have a special aisle filled with Indian snacks so you can be sure that you will get anything and everything that will suit your taste buds. If you are lucky, you might even find snacks that are difficult get even in India, such as masala peanuts exclusively available in coastal India. 

Dried Lentils and Pulses 

Lentils and pulses are staple foods in Indian cooking so one some of the staples you should have in your pantry are large bags of dried pulses such as split peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas. While some of the pulses are available in regular stores, the big bags in Indian stores let you enjoy more savings.

There are also special varieties of beans and lentils such as whole black lentils, cleaned black lentils, and the steamed rice cakes known as idis. There are also pinto beans, dried red kidney beans, and dried green mung beans. 

Kewra, Orange Flower Water, and Rosewater 

These are three staple essences that you cannot often find anywhere else. Rosewater is the distilled rose petal essence that is a certified staple in Indian cooking, especially in desserts. 

Orange flower water is another must-have in North African, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines. This the byproduct of the bitter orange blossoms distilled because of their essential oils. 

Keora or kewra or also pandanus blossom or screw pine water is a quintessential ingredient in India. The flavor of the essence is not easy to describe with it floral, fruity, heady, honey notes unique to it. 

These three essences are often found right next to each other in an Indian grocery store’s pantry section. 

Vegetarian Jelly

This last item may seem like an unusual thing to get but this is the best choice if you want your Jell-O without gelatin, something that you cannot get in regular supermarkets and grocery stores. This is the perfect jelly for you if you are a vegetarian as this is prepared without gelatin, making it ideal for the sensibilities of Muslim and Hindu religion. 

Stock up your pantry with these Indian staples!

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