Fish in Greek


Fish in Greek

Fish in Greek

Friends! Today you will find a new recipe of Greek cuisine


1 kg of ice fish;

Green Appleone;

150 grams of salted cheese;


Wheat flour;


Egg yolk egg;

Ground white pepper;

1 tbsp sour cream;

Vegetable oil.


1. My, clean fish, sprinkle with salt and dip them in flour.

Fish in Greek1

2. Lay the fish on a hot oil pan, fry on both sides. Don’t end up fried fish and divide it in half and remove the backbone.

Fish in Greek2

3. Transfer to a baking sheet (covered with foil) roasted without ridges polovinki fish, pepper. First sprinkle the fish with grated cheese, then mix apples, mayonnaise and begin to bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees.

Fish in Greek3

4. About five minutes or until the fish is cooked take out the pan, smear the fish with the beaten egg yolk with sour cream. Finish the cakes.

Fish in Greek4

Bon appetit!

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