Fish braids in a creamy sauce with capers

Fish dishes are not only tasty, but very useful, as evidenced by the medicine. Today we Swami will prepare a fish braid in a creamy sauce with capers.

Fish braids in a creamy sauce with capers

Fish braids in a creamy sauce with capers


Fish fillet (salmon or salmon) — 0,5 kg.
Dry white wine — 100 g
Perch fillet — 0.5 kg.
Spices — 1 tsp
Olive oil — 100 g
Cheese — 100 g
Cream — 150 g
Capers — 4 tbsp
Soy sauce — 2 tbsp
Halibut fillet — 0.5 kg.
Cumin — 5 tbsp


Fish fillets cut into strips of a width not more than two inches. With the toothpicks bond the ends of the strips to each other and thus the billet is transformed into the pigtail.

Placed in a container of fish braids, spray top with lemon juice, RUB with salt and pour slightly olive (other) oil. At the initial stage can add spices and soy sauce. Let it soak up the marinade 15 minutes before placing in the oven.

Fish braids

Let fish braids impregnated with the gas station, and we then prepare the sweet sauce. Bring the cream to a boil, stirring constantly, add cheese varieties and wine. The sauce will thicken in a few minutes. Stir frequently to melt cheese.

prepare the sweet sauce

Do not forget before making the braids roll them in cumin. Now can fry the fish braid in a large amount of oil. Much time it takes. Fish quite a few minutes to fry on both sides.

You can also bake in the oven as usual. In this embodiment, the fish will not have to flip. Keep in mind that too thin braids frying in the pan can fall apart.

Fry or bake fish braids

Before serving add to the sauce chopped capers, which we pre-washed carefully. The amount of capers are selected empirically according to your choice. Now decorate fish braids whole capers, fresh greens, come other ingredients suitable for fish.

Bon appetit!

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