Festive salad


Festive salad «Pineapple» with cooked tongue and mushrooms
Festive salad "Pineapple" with cooked tongue and mushrooms


One medium size pineapple

Boiled tongue — pork or beef (veal is better)

Cheese durum — 150-200 g

Chicken eggs — 2-3 PCs.

Marinated mushrooms — 800 g (in my recipe — mushrooms)

Big potato

Sour cream or mayonnaise


When you buy a pineapple, select a ripe fruit with a green, beautiful and fresh top (need it to decorate the salad).

Boil the tongue and remove the tape.

Razdelno boil potatoes and eggs.

Clean the pineapple, cut into rings 2-3 small cubes and drained juice (the remaining part of the pineapple can be used to prigotovleniya other dishes).

Finely shred mushrooms, tongue and eggs. Leave some mushrooms to ukrashenie salad.

Grate on a medium grater potatoes and cheese

Now spread in the shape of a pineapple on a flat plate all the ingredients, greasing them with mayonnaise or sour cream:

1 layer — chopped potatoes

2 layer — boiled tongue

3 layer — pickled mushrooms (instead, use prunes)

4 layer — boiled eggs

5 layer — pineapple

6 layer — cheese.

Decorate salad, as seen in photo please look at the mushrooms and green top of a pineapple, thereby creating the appearance of the fruit.

Before filing on the table a festive salad, it needs to stand 1-2 hours in holodilnike.

Bon appetit!

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