Easter cake

Easter cake

Easter cake

On the blog My recipes a new recipe.

Cake «Orange» with candied fruit without yeast, candied fruit quickly.

This recipe allows you to quickly cook a delicious Easter cake. It turns out tender and moist the cupcake structure, looks like a fragrant orange. Inimitable taste give a large amount of candied fruit, nuts and raisins.

Of course, our cakes cannot be considered traditional, but it may take a prize at our holiday table. By the way, the cake has a great advantage — it does not dry for a long time unlike their counterparts.

Some days it will be as soft as after baking, the tasty and tender crumbly. I recommend this recipe to you, dear housewife!


240 grams of flour of wheat;

Two teaspoons of baking powder;

240 grams of sugar;

150 grams of butter;

3 chicken eggs;

One large orange;

150 grams of nuts, candied fruits and raisins.

For the glaze:

One protein of chicken egg;

200 grams of powdered sugar;

One teaspoon of lemon juice;

One teaspoon of cooled melted butter;

10-15 grams of butter (to grease the pan).


1. Wash under the tap the orange using a fine grater remove the zest, squeeze the juice (there should be about 60 ml.)

2. Whisk eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar until you get a lush, creamy consistency. Add the softened butter, zest and lemon juice; whisk again all.

3. Mix the sifted flour with the baking powder with a whisk until thick odnorodnogo test mass.

4. Mixed into the dough chopped nuts, and raisins sweaty.

5. Grease with butter two round shape (with a diameter of 14-16 cm). Spread the dough, fill the forms to 2/3 of its volume. Put in a preheated 160-170 degree oven and bake 45 minutes. Readiness check wooden stick with a sharp.

Prepare the glaze:

1. Melt, then cooled butter.Whisk until a light foam protein with a pinch of salt. Continuing to whisk, add parts of powdered sugar.

2. Whisk until you get a shiny mass, at the end add lemon juice, stir well and add lightly beaten butter.

3. Easter cakes leave to cool in the forms, then take them carefully with a spatula and perekidyvaem on a dish, pour the glaze, sprinkle with confectionery posiadaj until completely cooled frosting.

4. Cut the cakes into serving pieces and served on a festive table.

Bon appetit!

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