Custard cake


Custard cake «Potato»

Custard cake "Potato"

Custard cake «Potato».
We love you and sweet and delicious. This is just what we need!


One glass of whole milk

Creamy village butter — 100 g

Sugar — 2 table spoons

Wheat flour — 2 teaspoons

Chicken egg — 1 PC.


Crumbs from cookies — 300 g

Cocoa powder — 2 tablespoons

Walnuts — 50 g

Move to making «Potato»

Grind in a mortar or grind in a meat grinder nuts. Mix with crumbs, add cocoa.

Prepare custard as follows:

Vanilla, sugar and flour pour a small amount of milk. To avoid lumps mix with a whisk. Sbite add the egg and mix.

Podgorean the remaining milk in an enamel saucepan. Yaichno-milk mixture pour a thin Strigoi in hot milk, do not forget to stir the contents of the pan ,heated on low heat.

Soon the milk mixture thickens, add the butter and stir until it dissolves. Remove from heat and slowly pour the crumb.

Now begin to gently shape the cake. Each cake is rolled in cocoa. Well, now it’s time to eat!

Bon appetit!

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