Culinary tricks


Culinary tricks

Culinary tricks

On the blog the best cooking tricks

1. Before you cook cheese sandwiches at the grill, make sure your ingredients found at room temperature.

Culinary tricks1

2. Any recipe with raw onion can be improved if onions be soaked in cold water. Thus will decrease the sharpness.

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3. Coffee will be much tastier if you add it before cooking pinch of salt and a dash of cinnamon.

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4. Cook oatmeal in the broth, instead of waterthe taste will be rich and rich.

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5. Use for cooking not table salt, but kosher or sea.

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6. A unique way of softening meat. Roll meat pieces in mixture of egg white and corn starch. You can also use the marinade, adding to the mixture of starch and protein balsamic vinegar, or rice wine.

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7. The secret to a perfect cake. The oil weight should be equal to the weight of eggs and weight of flourweight of sugar. There in not referring to net product, namely weight. A tolerance of 20 percent of the weight of the eggs and oil.

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8. Always add a little salt, and the cakes will be very tasty.

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9. Spoon sweet mustard will add a certain zest to the sauce or stew.

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10. Do not suffer the cooking of poached eggs. There is an easy method for preparing analogue of this product. Break a few eggs in the pan, as for fried eggs, add a little water, cover skillet, and in a few minutes, enjoy your new creation!

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11. Add to dishes balsamic vinegar (balsamic vinegar). A few drops of seasonings to improve the taste of cheese, scrambled eggs, strawberry salad and even ice cream. And tasty, and useful!

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12. Delicious burgers when you add in the mince and breadcrumbs.

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13. The best way to caramelicious meat. Dry the product. Melt the butter and add the sugar (2 tbsp) once the sugar melts, put the meat in there. Sugar will add a delicious crust to the meat.

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14. To get the flaky, crispy structure, to add to the dough a little vodka.

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15. The egg will be more tastyadd a little corn starch. Your dish will be magnificent, and the taste — sweet.

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16. Do you love Chile? It can be thickened by adding boiling in a mixture of beer with cornmeal.

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17. If you’re making ice tea, the tea, the bitterness can be mitigated by adding a bit of baking soda.

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