Crumble with plums


Crumble with plums

Crumble with plums

Friends! Crumble is a popular dessert in Britain and many countries communicating in English. Dessert is a dish of fruit or berries baked in the oven, under a single layer of dough.

Recipe crumble lostatochno simple with him a little fuss compared to other berry pies. The main advantage of the recipe — we put out and recycle seasonal fruits that can deteriorate quickly.

Crumble has a gentle soul and a sweet taste. Usually it should be served warm with custard sauce (cream) or ice cream.

The original recipe I found on the website of Mr Jamie Oliver, but after long searches has made many of their changes — calculated the ingredients on half portions, and as a filling used only plums. Jamie has included ginger, kiwi and apples.

Added spice in the filling, and shortbread crumb, except oatmeal and flour, put a small amount of almonds.


Flour — 70 grams;

Plum — 500 grams;

Powdered almond or peeled — 30 grams;

Rolled oats — 50 grams;

Butter — 50 grams+for greasing forms;

Salt — a pinch;

Brown sugar — 90 grams;

Fragrant allspice — a pinch;

A little vanilla essence or vanillin;

Cloves — a pinch;

Cinnamon — a pinch

Crumble with plums

Put the flour in a small food processor, chopped almonds, 40 grams of sugar, salt and pieces of cold butter. All this grind and get coarse crumbs

Crumble with plums2

Now in a food processor add the rolled oats for a few seconds and again turn on the harvester

Crumble with plums3

Remove the bones from the plums, cut them in half, but if they are very largeinto quarters.

Crumble with plums4

Take a small baking dish, grease it with butter and put there plums

Crumble with plums5

Mix the remaining sugar with the vanilla extract (essence) and spices. Sprinkle with sugar plums.

Crumble with plums6

Pour on top of crumb flour and level it.

Crumble with plums7

Put the form in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. When crumble is Golden brown, take out and let cool slightly.

Crumble with plums8

I eat crumbly nothing. But you can eat warm with custard, morozhenym or vanilla sauce.

Crumble with plums9

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