Cream cauliflower soup, step-by-step recipe with photos

Cauliflower, as you know, very useful, but in its raw form, few people eat it. Let’s prepare the cauliflower soup.

cream cauliflower soup

Cream cauliflower soup, step-by-step recipe with photos


1.Cauliflower (half of what we see in the photo)

2.Onions — 2 PCs.

3.Cream — a little

4.Pepper, nutmeg, and salt



Heat oil: butter or vegetable (I prefer to take them in half). Slightly fry the onion, but this time disassemble the cabbage into florets.

Fry slightly onion2

Throw the cabbage in the pan with the onions and fry for 5-7 minutes stirring occasionally.

Throw the cabbage to the onions

Pour into the pan vegetable or chicken broth, that cabbage is covered. Add pepper, nutmeg and salt. Cook until cooked. Readiness is easy to check a knife’s edge: the florets should be soft.

Pour the broth and cook until tender

Take out of pans a few buds. The rest Porirua, that is, we obtain a puree.

the resulting puree

Add cream to taste. Instead of cream you can use cream cheese. Again Buriram.

Add cream to taste

Poured into plates, slices of blue cheese and the remaining florets to use for decoration.

Poured into plates

And now you can add pieces of fried bacon

add the fried pieces of bacon

Bon appetit!


cream cauliflower soup

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