Chicken drumsticks


Chicken drumsticks in a spicy marinade

Chicken drumsticks in a spicy marinade

Don’t know about you, but I love spicy food. This is the recipe I’ll give. Chicken legs are so sharp that they resemble Chile. You can regulate at its discretion the number of chili peppers.

Chicken legs, cooked according to my recipe, we served with fresh vegetables or mashed potatoes. Because of the severity of food you can indulge in a good Cup of yogurt.

Ingredients (the amounts presented on four servings):

Chicken legs — eight of them

One tbsp grated ginger root

Two lime

Garlic — four cloves medium

Sugar- two teaspoons

Vegetable oil — three tablespoons

Coriander powder — one teaspoon heaped

Ground cumin (cumin) — one teaspoon

Curry — one teaspoon

Cardamom powder — 1/4 teaspoon

Ground cinnamon — one teaspoon

Sweet ground paprika — one teaspoon

Ground chili pepper — 1/3 teaspoon

Salt = teaspoon


1. Put in a bowl all the spices, ground ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, sugar, lime juice and salt.
Mix all.

2. Stir chicken legs in the marinade.

3. Marinate the legs will be 40-50 minutes.

4. Put our piece in special form, put in the oven and bake until ready at a temperature of 200 degrees. It will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

5. Remove from the oven and served with fresh vegetables (or mashed potatoes).

Bon appetit!

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